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Submitted on
March 4, 2009


551 (2 today)
Today it´s out!

The New Brighton Archeological Society, Book One: The Castle of Galomar
Written by Mark Andrew Smith; Illustrated by Matthew Weldon.
Colored by Rodrigo Avilés, Jacob Baake, Carlos Carrasco, Bill Crabtree, Jessie Lam, and Ralph Niese.
published by Image Comics. out now!…

:icondian3: made awesome 50 pages of faboulous colors, while i cramped on my 16 pages like an eternity. this indicates that you might visit him. now.

for a while now Noble Causes # 39 is out with
art by :iconcinar: and inks & colors on 12 pages by (...) me, right.
some reviews for it:………

and in 3 weeks Popgun vol. 3 is hitting stores (03/25/09)
and gots 8 pages from me inside. woo!

dunno when it´s due but soon i gather my 50.000+ pageviews status and i offer again a free sketch for the one who screenshot the 50k on my profile.
should you be reading this journal now and have also won a sketch by me but haven´t recieved one - feel free to say it...that i suck...or you wanna have it ... soon :D

all the best to you!
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The-Orange-One Mar 24, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Hey congratulations on all of your success oh pal of mine. Awesome colors and Noble causes is sweet! Cant wait to see your Popgun pages friend!:):):):):):):):):):)
RalphNiese Mar 24, 2009  Professional General Artist
:D thaaaaaaaaanksy thanks! yes, i´m still waiting getting my free popgun#2 copy - i think i´m the last to get it - begging since... dunno when, and hopefully #3 will be as great as second volume, but the chances are big!
this year will be getting great and our little comic too! :blowkiss: :giggle:
As I am, I'm claiming art :crazy:
RalphNiese Mar 17, 2009  Professional General Artist
btw, still wanna have a version of this one? [link]
or do you got another favourit?

Jump into "K.T The Kaos Theory" folder and there feel free to choose a subject to draw (not the animals).
All I want is just fan art :)

Folder is here [link]
fleissig, fleissig... :)
RalphNiese Mar 9, 2009  Professional General Artist
si si :D
neurotic-elf Mar 7, 2009  Professional General Artist
can hardly wait for one more popgun !! :w00t:
RalphNiese Mar 9, 2009  Professional General Artist
yup, yup, Giorgo and Michael are in it too!
:iconshyborg::iconmadart84: !! woo woo!
and ol tarifas is going to be in volume 4!
neurotic-elf Mar 9, 2009  Professional General Artist
I knew it about Mike, had no idea about the others, so YAY !! :w00t:

and hopefully one day I'll be as great as they are to be a part of that as well... :XD:]

take care and keep being as creative as you are !! :w00t:
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